Raiders Ready

By Victoria Chavez

raidersOn February 22, 2020, the Zodiac and Eaglettes teams competed in yet another raiders meet. This was the first meet the Eaglettes participated in for the season. “I’m proud that our team competed that day and especially because we didn’t give up…it was a team effort,” said cadet Staff Sergeant Faith Bernie. The fear and anxiety were plenty to go around between the teams but thankfully everyone pulled through safely and soundly. “I was really proud of both the males and females… they put in a lot of work, and it paid off.”, said cadet Captain Edward Uhl.

That day each team had to complete a rope bridge construction/crossing, cross country rescue, an obstacle course, a 5k run, and another small obstacle course. “I was nervous at first, but everyone gave me the motivation that I can do it…” said cadet Staff Sergeant Christian Gutierrez. The following cadets competed: Brendon Esquival, Jared Griego, Jessie John Guel, Simon Karsky, AJ Paez, Zachary Salmeron, Lorenzo Samaniego, Braxton Springer, Aries Uhl, Edward Uhl, Zander Zamora. Faith Bernie, Victoria Chavez, Jeanie Gomez, Natalia Jones, Ashley Mahavier, Yolanda Miranda, Guadalupe Quintana, Ashley Steed, and finally Hailey Woodson. 

The results are as follows: the males came in 4 out of 10 in the 5k run, they also came in 2 out of 10 in the rope bridge, and in total the team placed 5th out of the 10 schools who competed. The females did their best for their first time experience coming in 4th out of 5 schools. 


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