*Jazz Hands*

By: Gabby Palacios

Milagros García, Natalia Cano, and Alexandra García pictured with their acceptance letters for the PHS Pacesetter team.

This year, tryouts for the Pleasanton High School Pacesetter team took place the week of March 2-7. Candidates were taught a routine that involved specific kicks and dance techniques, and a combination to advance across the floor. Before tryouts, they were expected to have their right split, right stationary leap, and a right pirouette. For tryouts, the girls performed their left and right techniques and the combination they were taught.

On the afternoon of March 7, the new team was announced. The 2020-2021 Pacesetter team is made up of 33 members, including one manager, Edward Ottinger. 

This year’s Colonel, Jewels Kinsel, states, “Well we have a much bigger team now, so we will most likely focus on unison, and involve choreo that matches different levels of skill… With it all being fairly new dancers, the dances will be beginner dances, but Mrs. Dewaal really wants to focus on strengthening all of the girls, and not just the new members… I’m sure our dances will have many parts that showcase each dancer’s skill set.”

Congratulations to the new members of the 2020-2021 Pacesetter team! We are excited to see what you all have planned for the upcoming school year.

Sofia Aguilar, Kaitlyn Allen, Saidee Almendarez, Lexi Andrada, Brianna Arevalo, Miranda Caballero, Natalia Cano, Jasmine Carlos, Selena Cerda, Domingo Cordova, Alexandra Garcia, Milagros Garcia, Rosemary Garcia, Lorenza Gonzalez, Sergio Gonzalez, Jewels Kinsel, Erin Light, Alexandra Luna, Yolanda Miranda, Anisa Murillo, Illeana Ochoa, Bianca Perez, Madison Peters, Lladira Ramos, Alexis Robles, Cecilia Rodriguez, Samara Ruiz, Jayla Salazar, Kaylie Stratton, Autumn Tortes-McGinnis, Larissa Villarreal, Marisol Villarreal, and Edwin Ottinger (MANAGER).

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